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Member Policy

2018-12-28 12:17

To ensure a maximum shopping
satisfaction of our customers and a best platform experience for sellers, all
users of Hataw.PH must abide to the preset rules and regulations below. Failure
to do so might lead to suspension or deletion of the user’s account. All
penalties are under the discretion of Hataw.PH --its website, admins and
employees. The system will not be  judicially
liable for any losses in the following but not limited to; skus, promotions,
vouchers, potential  that might lead due
to the suspension or deletion of the account.

Integral rules for customers: 

1. The customer must use his
true personal information in registering to Hataw.PH including: name, credit
card details, address and shipping address, birthday and contact information.
All data collected will not be used or sold to any unofficial third party

2. The customer must not use
any fraudulent credit card information. Anyone caught will make his account
voided immediately.

3. Customers are not allowed
to use any derogatory, misleading, racist, and foul language in Hataw.PH’s
official website and its official social media pages.

4. Customers are not allowed
to post any ratings and reviews that are irrelevant to the actual product
and/or the sellers who are promoting it. Ratings and reviews of the product
and/or seller must only contain either of 
the following:

    a.       Reviews
about the product whether positive or negative.

    b.       Delivery
review whether positive or negative.

    c.       Review
about the seller whether positive or negative.

5. Customers must not use any
phishing and/or scheming malwares to get hold of the following but not limiting
to; information of other customers or sellers, special promotions, discounts
and gift vouchers.

6. Customers are encouraged to
report other customers and/or sellers who are involved in any illegal

7. Hataw.PH has the right to
invalidate any customer under the grounds of the following:

    a.     If a customer will be refusing to accept
the product which he ordered for 3 times

    b.     If a customer is harassing any member
whether fellow buyer or seller of hataw.PH

    c.     If a customer is promoting, instigating
social unrest within the Hataw community.

8. All customers must agree
that all refund policies though initiated by the website for customer
satisfaction, will be handled by the sellers. The administrators of the website
will act as mediators with the negotiations if the seller will be unresponsive
or not cooperating with the requests. Hataw.PH reserves the right to deny any
return requests if after the investigation the customer is found making
fallacious claims with the intent to abuse the refund policy of the website.

9. By accepting these terms
and conditions for buyers, end-users allow Hataw.PH to send SMS messages to
them regarding the following but not limited to:

     a.     Verification code for sign up or

     b.     Payment verification for buyers in the
eventuality that they will use our OTC modes of payment.

     c.     Location & Gender target
remarketing promotions.

Integral rules for Sellers:

Terms and conditions for using
our services.

1. User qualification
Hataw.PH’s services are
provided solely to, and used solely by, individuals/corporation who are able to
sign legally binding contracts. Our services are not offered to users under the
age of 18 which is the legally binding age in the Republic of the Philippines.
Sensitive information about the users will not be given or sold to other
parties nor it cannot be used by other users of the services. Hataw.PH Inc. has
the right to suspend or terminate the user’s account at its sole discretion.

2. The information provided by
the user, not limited to the following must not:
* Be fraudulent, inaccurate or
* Infringe any third party
copyright, patent, trademarks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights or
rights to express or privacy in accordance with Republic Act 8293 or the
Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and the International Copyright
Convention covering multiple foreign entities.
* Violate any applicable laws
or regulations (including but not limited to laws or regulations relating to
export controls, consumer protection, unfair competition, criminal law, anti-
* Discriminate or trade
practices / Fair trade law) in accordance with the existing criminal, civil,
and administrative laws of the Philippines;
*  Contain racist, hate contents, and libelous
content in accordance to Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012
*  Have obscene, pornographic, gambling,
manslaughter, suicide content.
* Contain any virus that may
destroy, alter, delete, secretly intercept, give unauthorized access, or export
any of the system, data or personal data such as but not limiting to Trojan
horses, worms, time bombs, delete flies, Easter eggs, Spyware or other computer

3. Breach of contract
Hataw.PH may limit the user’s
activities, immediately remove the products, warn other users in the  community about the sellers’s actions, warn,
suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate the user's status and deny the user
the service of the company if:
(a) The user breaches any part
of the terms and conditions stated;
(b )The information given by
the user is fraudulent and or Hataw.PH cannot verify the information given ;
(c) Hataw.PH deems that the
user’s actions within the service will lead to any legal actions and potential
proprietary losses.

4. Limitation of Liability
The company, its affiliates
and related entities or its suppliers shall in not be liable for any loss of
profits or any special, consequential or incidental damages arising out of or
in connection with the company's website and services or this agreement,
NEGLIGENCE. The user agrees that it will be solely responsible for the legality
of his own actions. The user also agrees that the company and all affiliates
and related entities will not be responsible for the legality of the actions of
users and any resulting results.

5.Limitation of Platform
Although Hataw.PH is a free
website without commissions/penalties, the company has the right to ammend or
remove the following but not limited to the following with due foreword to its
users prior to implementation:             

    5.1     Free use of website for selling.            

    5.2     Implementation of paid
advertisements to be used by sellers to boost their products on the website.             

    5.3     Blacklist/suspend/penalize the
account of sellers when faced with numerous concerns, complaints,
cancellations, returns, refund requests from the buyers in accordance with the
Republic Act 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines after careful due process
and investigation.            

    5.4     Give out free product creation
assistance to the sellers.

6. Logistics Limitation

Although Hataw.PH guarantees
worry free logistics services through its official logistics provider Fast 7,
the former can temporarily suspend the delivery service level agreement due to
the following but not limited to ensure the safety of the logistics provider

    6.1.     Event of force majeur
such as storm, calamity, volcanic eruption and earthquake.

    6.2.     National man-made
calamities such as coup de’ etat, political / military uprising and civil war.

7. Hataw.PH Scope of Service
Hataw. PH may temporarily
suspend its support and services in the event of the following but not limited
to to ensure the safety of its employees:

    7.1.     Event of force majeur such as
storm, calamity, volcanic eruption and earthquake.

    7.2.     National man-made calamities
such as coup de’ etat, political / military uprising and civil war.

8. Product, It is the responsibility of the
sellers to ensure that their products must:

    8.1     Not be deliberately misleading
with the intention of confusing the buyers.

    8.2     Not contain any images denoting
racism, crimes against humanity or promote social unrest.

    8.3     Have the corresponding licenses /
certification to sell for Health and Beauty products and skus that are under
the copyright law. (i.e. Disney characters)

9. Product Creation Assistance Hataw.PH is committed in helping the
sellers succeed in their online business. The company will be extending the
creation of their skus provided the following:

    9.1     The number of products to be
created must have a minimum of 50 products per session and a maximum of 500
products per session.

     The product creation assistance may
include all or any of the following: 

     a.       Photography of image 

     b.       Editing and enhancement of images 

     c.       Uploading of products

        For Photography of images, the
sellers has to shoulder the transportation and lunch of Hataw.PH’s photography
team for the entirety of the photo shoot from the company’s office in Binondo
to the location of the shoot. All images of the product will be the property of
the sellers. The services of the above stated is 100% free and the sellers will
just be mandated to upload the products to Hataw.PH.

    The sellers may also opt to
ask Hataw.PH for assistance in creating image descriptions of their products to
convince more the shoppers in buying their products. For image description
assistance, the buyer must shoulder a minimum fee of 25 Php per image
description template with a maximum of 3 angles of the product in 1 template.

All product creation
assistance must be coursed through the Partner Support Center department and
will be subjected to conditions and scheduling.     

10. Order Management It is the responsibility of the
sellers to ensure the following to avoid cancellations:

    10.1     All skus in their shop should
have adequate number of stocks.

    10.2     Turn off all skus that don’t
have stocks.

    10.3     All purchases must be packed in
a timely and orderly manner prior to pick up of the logistics provider.

    10.4     All products must be in good
condition prior to the delivery.

11. Logistic Fees  The shipping fees for each parcel
will be as stated below as approved between Hataw.PH and Fast 7: 

    a.       Within Metro Manila:
i.        0-5 kls= 30 PHP
ii.       Succeding per kilo = 10 PHP 

    b.       Luzon Visayas Mindanao:
i.        1st kilo = 120 PHP
ii.       Succeeding per kilo = 60 PHP

Due to the current limitations
of Fast 7, all deliveries outside of Metro Manila will be passed on to LBC

The sellers have the freedom
if it will let the end consumers (buyer) shoulder the shipping fee or they will
shoulder it for their buyers

12. Other Logistic Fees:

    Cash-on-Delivery Transaction Fees: 

         a.       Within Metro Manila: 1% for every
completed COD Transaction 

         b.       Outside Metro Manila: 3%

    Insurance Fee: 1% of every
completed transaction

13. Delivery Policies: The logistics partner of Hataw.PH
will deliver the parcel within the specified number of days stated in the
product. In the event of unknown address, fail to deliver after 3 trials,
refuse to accept, the seller has to shoulder the following fees for return to
sender delivery on top of the original shipping fee: 

      a.       Within Metro Manila: 50% of original shipping

      b.       Luzon Visayas Mindanao: 100% of original
shipping fee

Due to the current limitations
of Fast 7, all unclaimed parcels by the end users (buyers) will be returned to
the sellers after the following: 

     a.       Original delivery within Metro Manila:
Within 48-72 hours once the parcel was brought back by the rider to the
sortation area of Fast 7. 

     b.  Original delivery outside Metro Manila: This
will depend on the ability, limitations of LBC Solutions to Fast 7.

14. Order fulfillment and payment
cash out All payments from transaction will be
held by Hataw.PH for 7 days to ensure buyer protection in accordance with the
Republic Act 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines. If no confirmation was
made by the buyer after 7 days, the system will automatically confirm that the
order was received in good condition.

          A detailed accounting form will be
generated weekly by the system for the last week’s sales. The sellers has to
request for a cash out and Hataw.PH will process the cashout within 3 banking

          Hataw.PH will deposit via online
banking the payment for the purchases through this banks:

                * BDO

                * Security Bank

                * Metrobank

                * PNB

                * BPI

        In the event that a sellers don't
have a bank account on any of the banks, Hataw.PH will prepare a cheque cashout
for that particular sellers.

15. Refund Policy  In the event of a return and refund
scenario, Hataw.PH will investigate as to which party is at fault for a
defective / broken product which led to the return and refund request if the
product is still under the 7 days return policy of Hataw. The process is as

        Buyer Fault: Hataw.PH will deny the
return/refund request.

        Seller Fault: Hataw.PH will approve
the claim and the payment of the customer will be refunded by Hataw.PH once the
seller confirms that they have received the defective/broken product. In the
event of replacement if agreed by the seller, no refund will be made. The
delivery fee of the returns must be shouldered by the sellers.

        Logistics Fault: Hataw.PH will refund
the payment of the customer. Hataw.PH will then pay the transaction to the

16. No agency relationship
The User and the Hataw.PH are
independent contractors and this agreement does not intend to establish nor
create any agency, partnership, joint venture, and employee-employer or
franchise relationship unless freely expressed by Hataw.PH through documentation.
Hataw.PH will not make any explicit or implied recommendations, promise or
guarantee to any users and their online transactions.

17. General provisions
This Agreement is governed by
the existing laws and decrees of the Republic of the Philippines in all aspect
whether criminal, civil or administrative. The provisions of this agreement are
divisible, and if any of the provisions of this agreement is held to be invalid
or unenforceable, that said may be deleted, altered, enhanced with or without
notice from the company.
18. Activities Engagement
All of the stated activities
of are responsibilities of the management to make decisions about it,
maintain its standards and improve its practice. All of the Hataw App users
must follow the strict policies and avoid such illegal works that cause


    1. Registration of Account           

        Create an account including

             a.       NAME:  It must be REAL and COMPLETE.  It must not be the name of anything/anyone.  It must not indicate numbers or any special

             b.      HOME ADDRESS: It must be your permanent or current address
(for shipping accuracy purposes). It must be stated CLEARLY and COMPLETELY

             c.       MOBILE NUMBER:  It must be your PERSONAL contact,  Virtual/third party numbers are not allowed (if
proven using those, your entry will be automatically voided.).  

                      No mandatory requesting of friends’ numbers (the
helper should be the one who will register of an account) 

    2. Verification Process
After smashing your chosen
item/s, we will randomly contact smashers who helped you, to verify and confirm
if the accounts used are LEGIT. Make sure that they’re all attended. If  failed to do so within 24 hours, your entry
will automatically be invalidated. 

    3. Sharing with friends
Inviting friends (especially
the NEW ones) to join with you smashing, will contribute a big help to cut down
the price of your chosen item/s until it makes zero amount and get it for FREE. 

    4. Collection of Shipping Fee
To all smashers, please be
reminded that the items we’re offering through ‘Smash It!’ are 100% FREE.
However, upon claiming your prizes, there’s shipping fee applied: Within Metro Manila: 30 pesos for 1-5 kg. of
package, however, there's additional 10 pesos for every succeeding weight.

    Outside Metro Manila: 132 pesos for 1kg. of
package, however, there's additional 66 pesos for every succeeding weight.

Note: humbly and genuinely offers you
quality products for FREE through the ‘Smash It!’ promo, however there are some
who are still not convinced about it, so, we just want to clarify and defend
that this is NOT A SCAM, it’s 100% LEGIT! To all our dearest smashers, we have
access to detect and verify if you had undergone authentic process, so please
BE HONEST and LEGIT as well in dealing with us and never attempt to make
illegal works (that stated above) to avoid conflicts. If you failed to do such,
we have the right to disclaim your entry. Please be guided accordingly, thank