Delivery Policy
2018-07-10 12:26

Here at Hataw.PH, we take pride in our efficient delivery process with our official logistics provider Fast7.  In line with this, here are our delivery policies:

1.       For deliveries within Metro Manila, our official logistics provider will be delivering your parcel within 3-5 days upon confirming from the merchant that the product you bought is ready for shipping.

2.       For deliveries outside Metro Manila, Fast7 will pass the product to LBC their partner third party logistics provider. The estimated delivery status can be seen on your cart page.

3.       For unknown address, or no one to receive the parcel on the first delivery , our logistics provider will try to deliver again for 2 more tries. After the third try, if the address is still unknown, or no one is there to receive your parcel, It will automatically be tagged as failed to deliver and will be returned back to the sender. Please keep in mind that as a buyer, this will lead to a negative buyer rating which may eventually lead to buyer blacklisting.

4.       For refusal to accept the parcel, our logistics provider will also tag the delivery as failed delivery due to refusal and this will also affect your rating as a buyer which may eventually lead to blacklisting. Please keep in mind that you can only refuse to accept the delivery for 3 product deliveries. After the third time of refusal, Hataw.PH serves the right to blacklist your account and will have to call our customer excellence team for reactivation.

5.       For within Metro Manila customers, if you will not reach your delivery after 7 days of ordering, kindly call our customer excellence team if you want to cancel it and we will cancel it for you with a guaranteed 100% refund.

6.       In the event of typhoons and man-made force majeures, Hataw.PH, Fast7 and LBC serves the right to suspend the deliveries to ensure the safety of its employees.

So what are you waiting for, Maki Hataw Na!

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