Points Exchange
2015-05-25 10:49

Points Exchange

Here at Hataw.PH we value your loyalty as our buyers. We are implementing a points exchange system that you can avail through the following schemes:


How to get it?

1 point

Daily log in

5 points

For every 1000 pesos purchase

3 points

For every 1st review of the product you purchased

2 points

For every 2nd review of the product you purchased

                Please be reminded that 1 point is equals to 1 peso. So the more you shop, the more you earn.

Where to find my points?

You will find the points you have accumulated on the upper right corner beside your avatar:

I have accumulated enough points can I use it in buying a product?

A big YES! You may directly use the points you have acquired in buying products!

Where can I see the points that I have accumulated or spent?

You will see your points and the points that you spent under the account settings >> points


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