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2015-05-25 10:49

You need to change any of your user information? We got you covered! Just follow these easy steps:

Mouse over your name in the top right corner (upper right as shown in the image below) and press account settings. Our page will then redirect you to your account settings page:

1.       Changing of Personal Information

Need to edit something on your personal information? Just click on your “Personal Information” on the left hand corner and you will be able to change the following:

1.       Your actual name

2.       Contact Number

3.       Email

4.       Gender

5.       Birthday

6.       Area Info (Your General Location)

Important Note: You may set your privacy for each field. It is strongly advised that you will keep it private to avoid information phishing. Hataw.PH will not be disclosing any of your personal information to any third party.

2.       Security Settings

These is where you can do the following:

Log-in Password

Manage your email

Mobile phone number

Important note: Do not give any of your log-in credentials to anyone. Hataw.PH employees will not ask for your credentials.

3.       Shipping Address:

This is where you can set up your shipping address. You can also set up here multiple shipping address and just modify the shipping address for every order in the check out page.

Too excited of shopping? Worry not, if you have forgotten to initially set your shipping address, you can always set it up / modify it in your check out page.

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